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Methods To Find Dissertation Topics For Ph.D. Thesis

There is a number of approaches you can take benefit from to choosing a title for your doctoral dissertation. This research for a professional degree cannot afford to compromise on any of its affairs. Therefore, begin with choosing the finest topic and then proceed to your research design. Many students make a mistake and ask their friends to write my dissertation online but remember, we are not expecting the same silliness from you. The efforts you can put into your paper, no one else can and to be very honest no one will. Therefore, find a captivating topics first that stimulates your interest and can hold your attention for a longer time.

If you are struggling with finding the right topic for your paper and don’t know how to find one, this article is for you. You don’t have to wonder anymore and just focus on these tips. We promise you’ll soon find the best topic for your research. Believe us, 60% of your efficiency throughout relies on your topic. If by chance you choose a topic that you are not interested in working on, you will lose all your efficiency. Plus there will be no way to go back. So, be very meticulous…

Following are the best ways to find the right topic for your Ph.D. dissertation.

Check Out The Previous Dissertations 

If you have no idea of what topic you want to write your dissertation on and have found no niche for yourself, avoid wasting time. Review the past dissertations from your department that you can find in your library. Though the best idea is to start thinking about your topic as soon you land your final year. Still, if you are behind the time and have not decided on any topic yet, check out the previous research. See what your seniors have worked on and then make up your mind.

These past dissertations are helpful for all areas of your research. You can easily check how to split sections, write your literature review, etc. You can also have access to all bibliographies that otherwise would have been difficult to search for. However, make sure you don’t replicate or copy your seniors’ work. Instead, find out the gaps in them and cover them in your studies.

Get In Touch With Your Faculty Members 

Faculty members are often a good help when you are struggling to find a topic for yourself. All you need to do is ask them for some time. Once you have it, ask them if they can assist you. Tell them about your interest and areas you can pay most of your attention to. Once your faculty members know this all, they can support you in finding the best topic.

In my case, my supervisor asked me to bring at least five of my interest to the table. Later he selected the one himself. Though I didn’t work on the same topic but was able to find the one that has most of my notice.

Identify Your Potential Research Questions 

After all the years you’ve spent learning about your major discipline, we are sure by now you have some pointers that you need answers for. Why not go for the same and find a topic that can help you get answers to these questions? For instance, one of my friends who had many questions in her head, went doing the same and extracted a decent topic out of them.

This practice didn’t only let her find answers but expanded her horizons as well. The way she expected her findings to come out was totally opposite to what came in the end.

Jot Down A Few Exciting Topics

After you have found your potential questions, make topics out of them. We have never seen this tip giving no benefits to the learners. Everyone we recommend to take advantage of this has come back to us happy and content. One of our customers who was also finding it hard to find her dissertation topic employed the same technique and guess what happened in the end?

She worked on none of these topics but came up with an exciting one that left us all stunned. Do you see the power of our magical tips?

Check Out The Research Material 

By the time you are done with these tips, we assume you know what topic you are going with. If you still have doubts, better lookout for research material and check which one has better data. There will be topics you don’t need to search a lot for. However, there are also topics you will find no content in and you will have to work really hard on them to collect your data. For instance, if you are working on the topic of mental health in general, chances are you will find the data easily. In case, you are working on PSTD in particular, you will have to look out for interviews, etc., which definitely can get challenging and take a lot of your time. 

Get The Topic Approved

Finally, by this time, you will be done selecting the topic for your dissertation. Don’t confuse yourself more and go back to your supervisor. Tell them your topic and get it approved. Chances are your supervisor will alter a bit of it or there will be some amendments needed, but as far as the main idea is the same, you are good to go.


So, learners? Are you happy with these tips and think you can now finally find a dissertation topic for yourself? Let us know in the comments. Also, please don’t ask anyone to write your dissertation. Do this work yourself because you got no room for mistakes, right? If you have any queries or want some real-time support, reach out to us. You can communicate with our scholars and ask them to assist you but please remember to not ask anyone to write my dissertation online for me. It is ethically wrong and might bring some great troubles to you.

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