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How To Support Someone Writing Their Dissertation

When you ask students ‘what is the hardest part about dissertation writing’, you’ll get all kinds of responses. This is because a dissertation overall is the toughest thing you’ll encounter in your studies. No wonder they’re reserved for Ph.D. programs – the highest level of studies. Students writing a dissertation have to show their grip on a topic in their field while making a significant contribution. The whole process of researching, adding literature review, gathering data and results is daunting for many students. Since students don’t want a stamp of bad grades, they search up do my dissertation UK.

If you know someone who’s enrolled in a postdoctoral program, they can definitely use some help. Most students never get to finish their dissertation because they struggle alone. Well, you can make sure your friend or loved one doesn’t meet the same fate by offering your support! Here’s what you can do to help and support someone who is writing their dissertation:

Reach Out to Them:

Enrolling in a Ph.D. program is a huge honor for candidates but this puts a lot of pressure on them. Just because someone is smart, doesn’t mean they can deal with every obstacle on their own. However, people don’t realize that they’re extremely lonely at this point given that they cannot even make time to socialize.

They might need you to participate in their research or maybe need your feedback to make their paper better. These candidates deal with many people walking away because they don’t feel like sparing a few minutes to help someone. Hence, let them know that you’re there if they need help with their dissertation or anything else.

Give Them Space

Go easy on them if they’re unavailable to hang out with you because their research keeps them occupied. They might even cancel your plans, making you wonder if you are their priority. Here’s the other side of the story; a lot of times, their participants reschedule and so their routine is unpredictable. It’s next to impossible to find enough participants to collaborate on their time. Hence their schedule depends on their clients’ availability.

Although it sounds unfair research students have to give up on everything else for their dissertation. So if you want to help them out, understand that they’re going to be unavailable till their research ends. Hence, keep a check on their schedule while making plans, and don’t be too shocked if they cancel.

Don’t Overwhelm Them

Writing a dissertation is a lot like running a marathon, it exhausts any student who takes on the task. If you know someone close to you who’s writing a dissertation, you can be sure that they have a lot on their plate. ‘A lot’ is an understatement here but let’s just put it this way; they’re always overwhelmed. So the best way you can help them is to be there for them and help them relax.

A hard week or month of being busy with a dissertation would even tire someone who came back from a vacation. So when you’re around them, try keeping your plans subtle. Avoid forcing them into crazy plans – this is really the worst time for striking skydiving off your bucket list. 

Hear Them Out

Are you surprised to hear your quiet and studious friend go on yapping for hours? Well, here’s how this works, they spend a lot of time alone sitting quietly and observing or listening to everyone. This is a part of their studies so they can’t ask their participants to give them a break. However, the person writing the dissertation is going to need someone to vent it out – this can be you.

Plus, they are spending a huge part of their days, weeks, and even months in finding out something new. They are writing a research paper, remember? When a person is heavily invested in learning about a topic in their field, they will want to share. Don’t dismiss them even if you do not understand a lot of the things they’re saying. Therefore, give them enough space in the conversation to speak their heart out and listen to what they’re saying.

Keep a Check On Their Progress

Ask them about their progress, something along the lines of ‘how is your dissertation going?’ Dissertation is something that takes up most of their waking hours and they don’t about it a lot. However, this is something that’s constantly on their mind and they wish someone would show even a fraction of interest. Most of these writers try to avoid acting like those candidates who impose their interests on others. So, this is where you can step in and take the initiative to ask about the progress of their dissertation.

Remember that these dissertation candidates are not looking for scholarly advice or a genius idea that will blow their minds. They just want to have a conversation to process their own thoughts and ideas from time to time. Hence, even though it might feel repetitive, ask them how their research paper is every now and then. We guarantee that they will have something to add to that conversation every single time!


Writing a dissertation is of the hardest career moves. If you know someone close to you who’s writing a dissertation, you should do your best to help them out. With that spirit, try out our tips to help the dissertation writer. With help from people around them, no dissertation writer would have to search do my dissertation UK ever again.

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